I’ve always seemed to be a victim of circumstance. 

While I was still recovering from my Mom’s death, I started getting sick.

Last year, while I was in the hospital for my 6th ear surgery, I contacted MRSA.

It was just so random, we never would have expected that.  I basically had the infection in me for 3 months before we had to operate on the area.  I had to have a picc line in me all summer and give myself my antibiotics twice daily.  I was so mad and depressed that the ear surgery didn’t work and I contacted that.

Then, I finally woke up and realized how lucky I was.

The infection was so close to spreading to the bone, it was hard to believe it didn’t spread.  It probably should have considering how long I had it but it didn’t.

I realized that someone was looking out for me after all. 

Ever since then, I’ve been more at peace with everything. 

I had my 8th ear surgery last December (3 in one year) and it was a success.  I’m definitely still struggling with my health problems but I’ve been keeping positive.

I just know that I have a lot of people rooting for me “up there.” 

Every day is amazing.


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