My mom’s birthday is a constant reminder that I nearly ruined it for her years to come.

Instead of going out to dinner with the family that night, I had decided to go on a first date with a guy I had met the weekend before at the dance club.

He brought me roses.

I had shorts and a tank top on when he got to the house, he told me to change since we were taking his motorcycle to the theater.

I changed and we were on our way.

“Would you like to wear the helmet?”


I don’t want to wear that thing on my straightened hair, I thought to myself.

We got there, we sat in the last two seats.

He said do you want to sit on the left or the right?

I Said “left” but I sat on the right. We laughed.

He didn’t seem too interested in me during the movie, so afterwards we agreed for him to take me home.

One turn away from the house, a driver talking on the cell phone ran a stop sign.

After hitting the guy on the back, yelling at him to stop we had no other choice but to tbone her.

There I flew busting the ladies windshield, and into oncoming traffic.

I woke up asking if everyone else was alright, not knowing what had happened to me.

The lady rushed out of the car with a scared look on her face, she kept asking me if my head was alright. I didn’t understand why.

While on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, I overheard her say “Quick, she just busted my windshield with her head!”

Ā I called my best friend because I was too scared to call my mom.

Meli rushed to the accident scene, and she called my mom with me.

While being put on the backboard, they asked me what side of my body hurt, I blankly stared and just lifted up my ankle. My date laughed and said, “it’s okay she proved to me earlier she doesn’t know her left from her right.”


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