Let’s talk about death…

What scares you the most about death?

Is it not knowing when?

how you will die?

Or is it life after death?

Perhaps, you may be afraid of a sudden or painful death where you could not say goodbyes…

Let’s face it, death is a scary subject.

 As humans, it is natural to be afraid of the unknown.

There are two things about death that scare me the most: knowing or feeling my life slip away and being forgotten. 

Death kind of reminds me of a haunted house, you know something is going to happen, but you don’t know when or how.

It scares me to think when my time comes, I will know my time is up…I will be helpless. I think if I felt my heart beat start to slow as my body relaxed, I would be terrified.

The finality of death also scares me. Once I cross over , I can no longer communicate with the living the way I do now. I feel my loved ones all around me and know that they are there to remind me of their presence, but we can never physically have a conversation again. 

I do have assurance that I will see my loved ones again but until they experience death and join me there, we’ll be separated, like I am separated now. 

My biggest fear about death is I will be forgotten.

My name will become poison to the lips that once sang it aloud…. 

What scares you the most?


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