Clever title.

Clever story line to make you interested.

Clever ending to leaving you with a lasting thought.

I have not been to my site in awhile.

If I don’t come here, why would you?

I fell into a nasty cycle of discouragement, illness, and frustration. 

If my very own “best friend” hasn’t even looked at my site..why should you?

Why should I?

The answer is simple and its the one piece of advice I wish I would FINALLY learn to listen to.

This is not for you.

It is not for my friends or family. It is for me.

If I can not love this with every beat of my heart..why bother?

I didn’t bother- look where that got me.

So here’s a big fuck you to the people I thought were my friends and here’s to taking back control of my vision.

To the one’s who have supported my ideas from the start, thank you and I look forward to paying you back one day.

more to come….


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