Kaneisha Session: my story

About two years ago I began a journey that really changed my life. At the time I knew it would change me but I wasn’t aware of the huge impact it would have on the person I am today.

From a very young age I knew that I had a sort of gift that I noticed my peers did not have, and if they did, they did not speak on it as much as I did. I had an innate ability to pick up on “vibes” or as I identify it now, energy. I knew things before people would tell me. I felt things people did not feel about situations or other people. My friends would say to me “you’re psychic!” I spent alot of years trying to figure out why I felt these things that could not be explained. I had a crazy accurate intuition, I even creeped myself out sometimes!

One day I began searching for answers. I came across an article that explained that there are many “clair” abilities that people are not aware of. The one most people are familiar with is clairvoyance. Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” I discovered there was a clair ability for feeling as well, it is called clairsentience. Clairsentience means “clear feeling.” Finally after all these years I discovered an answer to a question I had for so long. Why do I feel these things?


Now this is where my true journey began. I began to search ways to strengthen my already heightened intuition. It was suggested to me to try chakra meditation.

This is a form of meditation that focuses specifically on the energy centers of the body. I found a guided meditation on youtube and began ritually meditating every single day. In doing this, my whole life changed. I started to really soak in the beauty around me. There is so much energy and life surrounding us! We are so used to an everyday routine of adulthood that we often forget that there is much beauty to be truly seen!

I discovered who I really was underneath all of the conditioned behaviors and bad energies I was surrounding myself with. I looked around and realized that the environment I created around me was on a path of self destruction.

I was depressed, angry, suicidal, and most of all truly unhappy. I realized that most of my group of friends at the time were suffocating me with their negative energy, false egos, and constant drama! When you start a journey of enlightenment you really start to SEE things for what they truly are, and as they say the truth does indeed hurt.

I distanced myself from all things and people that I saw were engulfing me in negativity. It was not easy, but it was sure worth it!

Once I cleansed myself of things that hindered me from seeing my own true beauty, I began a journey of self love and discovery that I had never thought was possible. All these years I never truly loved myself at all. I hated who I was, and imagined what life would be like if I were someone else. I spent years in a deep depression, but continued to smile on the outside so others wouldn’t dig into my personal issues.


Through meditation I began a process of spiritual healing, self love, and self discovery. I learned that nothing is a coincidence. There are so many things that happened in my past  and are still happening that show me that I am, and always have been intune with the universe around me.

There is a reason that I was obsessed with the sun, moon, and stars growing up.

There is a reason that I was obsessed with my dreams and their meanings.

There is a reason why my room was covered in smiley face decor.

There is a reason why I constantly drew rainbows and made my mom stop the car every time we saw one so I could take in its beauty!

There is a reason that my friends always came to ME for sound advice, and my family would say I was wise beyond my years.


I know why these things happened now. I know my purpose on this earth like I know that my name is Kaneisha Session.

I see things so much more clearly now than I ever have in my entire life.

I am a child of energy.

I am a child of the sun, moon, and stars.

I am a dream interpreter.

I am a guider.

My one purpose on this earth is to guide and enlighten other human beings.

Im here to let people know that they are capable of so much more than they allow their minds to reach.

I am here to let others know they are more than their depression and anxiety.

I am here to show others that they are beautiful because they CHOOSE to see the beauty in themselves and others without conditioned societal views of beauty.

You are life. You are love. Your energy flows through you and every day you are breathing is another day to love yourself and spread love to others.


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