What is a migraine?

Please remember that nothing I say here counts as official medical advice.

What is a migraine? Is it a bad headache?

Let’s start with the facts (as told by the Migraine information super center)


Migraine is a genetic neurological disease, characterized by episodes often called Migraine attacks.

Migraines are called primary headaches because the pain isn’t caused by another disorder or disease such as a brain tumor or head injury. Some cause pain on just the right side or left side of the head, others result in pain all over. Migraine sufferers may have moderate or severe pain and usually can’t participate in normal activities because of the pain. Often when a migraine strikes, people try to find a quiet, dark room.

So no, it is not “just a headache”, it is a neurological disease. A disease that is pure chaos and confusion. It is more than just a pain or ache in the head.

The World Health Organisation ranks it as one of the top 20 most disabling adult conditions worldwide in terms of years of healthy life lost due to disability.(The World Health Report 2001, WHO)


While it is important to note that everyone is different and thus suffers differently, here are some common symptoms other than pain, a migraine sufferer may have.

the most common are:

  • Throbbing, pulsating pain – 85 percent
  • Light sensitivity – 80 percent
  • Sound sensitivity – 76 percent
  • Nausea – 73 percent
  • Pain on one side – 59 percent
  • Vision changes, blurred vision – 44 percent
  • Aura –  36 percent
  • Vomiting – 29 percent

(Note: These figures are from the American Migraine Study II of almost 4,000 sufferers in 1999.)

**Note these statistics are from 1999…it’s almost 2016!

As I understand,  the pain caused from a migraine tends to be pulsating, moderate/severe in intensity and enough to stop you functioning

What cause a migraine?

Although an exact cause is unknown, brain scans show that migraines may be due to “hyperactivity” in parts of the brain. Actually, a migraineur’s brain is biochemically different than that the brain of a person without this disorder.

Does that tell you anything?


Yeah, me either.

Migraines are my personal monster and I hope to use this blog as a platform for awareness. I will share my story in time, but now I ask you-


Do you or anyone you know suffer from migraines? Or any other chronic illness? 

Send me a e-mail about your journey!


3 thoughts on “What is a migraine?

  1. My Grains are my existence. They torture my everyday. I get headaches, too, & they are just slippage compared to the full on erosion of clarity & unleashing of pain. But there are also occasional aura manifestations, where I see giant translucent snakes with spinning, diamond scales. Plus I get seizures of various measures. Life is a landslide that one finds themselves under. Each daze is to dig oneself out to a point where I can breathe, can take a walk, can see, can write poems or draw… Still, I persist, still I regain a little, and that is my resolve… towards some functioning sense of existence.

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