A few weeks ago, I found the people out there that are like me. My new friends are ones who know pain,suffering, and above all- COMPASSION. 

I may not know my new friends IRL (in real life) but my migraine mafia is strong.

These friends gave me validation that I never knew I was seeking. I have suffered with migraines for over 15 years of my 22 year life. I have had a beautiful ride so far, but I have had my dark days. 

Migraines are fairly invisible, especially if you have never had one or have never been with a migraineur. You’ll get a glimpse of some of the symptoms I endure, but you will never know the pure agony of the pain or the fear of when the next attack may come.

You may see me with a hat on to keep my brain from leaking out of my ears.

you may see me doing some type of craft project to keep my mind anywhere but my own brain.

you may see the vertigo if I hold onto the walls when I walk

you might even hear me struggle to come up with the right words

but you do not know my story, my struggle.


At times, I doubt my own sanity and start believing the stigmas I try so hard to end.

A little while ago, a “friend” of mine told me to ‘get over myself’ and that ‘migraines are not life threatening nor fatal-so I should grow up.’

To you my “friend”, I say fuck you. Migraines have taken everything from me, but thankfully not my life.

I just want to remind you: Never judge or belittle someone else’s struggle, especially your own. If you need someone to listen, I’m always here.

I have an invisible illness and I am invincible .



21 thoughts on “Invisible…invencible?

  1. Yes! I struggle with anxiety everyday. Even though it’s not physically visible, it is very real. I’ve had so many people tell me to “just get over it” or “just calm down”. It doesn’t work that way!

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