Meet the Author

Ashley is a gorgeous, clever,funny, sexy, self-destructive, screwed up and utterly fascinating 22 year old. She grew up in small town Illinois about 20 minutes from the Gateway Arch and St. Louis lifestyle. Although she is from the midwest, Ashley longs to be on a beach or hiking a mountain.

She loves the following (in no particular order)

the smell of earth

the touch of the waves

the taste of berries

the sight of trees

the sound of laughter

the feeling of being alive.


PCB summer 2015



She is a dreamer and a firm believer that someday her voice will be heard.


She survives on caffeine, crafts, patience from her love PW, and her super sweet puppies-Ziggy and Cleo.

In case you need to give a gift to Ashley- go for anything covered in purple, elephants, or dream catchers. Bonus points if you get her a purple dream catcher in the shape of an elephant. Yes, purple elephant dream catchers exist- she has one.

If you really love her, do not forget her obsession of OPALS!

This blog is for Ashley as well as anyone else who needs their voice to be heard



Thank you for your time and interest!
I was wondering if you’d share a little bit of your life for a post?
I can include your name or keep it totally anonymous.
It can be anything in the world that you want from life, friends, family, your favorite recipe, best/worst memory anything.
I just want something raw and honest. I can come up with some ideas for you or if you have something in mind, go for it. I don’t want to censor much. It can be as long or as short as you want! Take your time there is no rush!
I want to be able to connect with people like HONY or Post Secret (if you are not familiar with these projects- I am happy to explain.) does but on a smaller level. I want to expand my knowledge on life really. I have learned so much from encountering different people or reading stories on those sites. I want to make people not feel so isolated.

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