Thank you for your time and interest!
I was wondering if you’d share a little bit of your life for a post?
I can include your name or keep it totally anonymous.
It can be anything in the world that you want from life, friends, family, your favorite recipe, best/worst memory anything.
I just want something raw and honest. I can come up with some ideas for you or if you have something in mind, go for it. I don’t want to censor much. It can be as long or as short as you want! Take your time there is no rush!
I want to be able to connect with people like HONY or Post Secret (if you are not familiar with these projects- I am happy to explain.) does but on a smaller level. I want to expand my knowledge on life really. I have learned so much from encountering different people or reading stories on those sites. I want to make people not feel so isolated.

Revisit your soul, write about what you know. Many people have sent in painful childhood memories or their favorite memory with a passed loved one and told me how freeing it felt. 

I don’t want to censor you in any shape way or form but want you to know your thoughts, feelings, memories are your own and no one can change you. I want to free you 
Does that help? If not we can brain storm some together!
If you would like to take part- please e-mail me your story

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