Where have you been lately?

So here I am playing catch up on my blog and elsewhere in my life.

What else is new? So much shit has happened and I think my brain has finally had time to process it all. Like glitter on a DIY sorority night, my mind has been ALL over the place.  Continue reading


Two Years.


Two years.

Two years. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. But at the same time, it feels a hundred years too long. It has been two years since the hardest night of my life. I truly think it is a memory that I will never be able to shake.

I still remember the night, vividly. I was out to the movies with someone who I loved. My phone was dead, so I was surprised when my date leaned over with a text from my mom. My mom had texted her saying that I needed to call her before I came home that night. That instantly worried me. I borrowed her phone and asked my mom what was going on. My mom said to not worry and to just call her when I got the chance. But I was persistent; I had to know what was…

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