We all have them.

Some are on the surface, others are buried so deep- we don’t even know they are there.


One thought on “Monsters

  1. The monster I feel is deep within me is something I truly have to live with all my life.
    Living with a passion for making my dreams happen. My dreams do turn into nightmares at times.
    Depression succumbs to my mind.
    Anxiety makes me immobile from making anything happen
    Just me laying in bed hoping, praying for God to let me end my misery.
    Being alone, being lonely, being alone….
    So much of my pain is my own doing….
    I’m my own worst enemy.
    I have a lot of love to give…
    I’ve been through a lot of things but yet I am still here, somehow someway.

    The worst monster we have is the one create.
    It’s the monster that breaks down when you stop and breathe and know that the fighting deep down can all end.


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